Designed as a scratch paper app for the iPad, Loose Leaf is a new quick note taking app that uses a simple, no frills design and incorporates both clever sketching tools and intuitive touch gestures for a unique idea planning experience.

Like many simple note taking/sketching apps, Loose Leaf includes a pen for basic writing and sketching, along with a tool for erasing. There are five different pen colors available, plus an undo/redo button for fixing mistakes, and an image insertion tool for adding photos or images from the camera roll.

In addition to these basic tools, there’s a useful cutting tool that allows users to cut out a section of the page (or an image) by drawing an outline with a finger. The cutout can be dragged to a new location with a two finger drag, or resized with pinch gestures. Pulling on a cutout with two fingers on each side will duplicate it, while two fingers will rotate it and pinching will resize it.

Two finger swipes on the left and the right of the screen will switch between pages that have been created, and dragging a cutout to the right side of the screen will save it in a „scrap drawer“ so that it can be added to any other page.

A two finger pinch on the main sketch will open an overview menu of all sketches, where they can be reorganized, and pulling a sketch all the way to the left at this screen will delete it.

Loose Leaf also includes a ruler tool that can be shaped to create perfect lines or circles, which is useful for mapping out designs. The ruler tool is used like a real ruler, with one hand holding the shape on the screen and a second hand tracing it onto the page.

Sketches can be sent instantly to contacts, emailed, messaged, saved to the camera roll, printed, sent to someone via AirDrop, or shared on Twitter and Facebook. There’s even a tool to upload sketches directly to image sharing site Imgur, and sketches can be opened in a variety of different apps like Dropbox, Pixelmator, Evernote, and more.

Loose Leaf‘s drawing tools are very basic, but combined with the ruler tool and intuitive gestures that make duplication super quick, the app can be useful for sketching out ideas, mocking up projects, and more.

Loose Leaf can be downloaded from the App Store for $4.99. [Direct Link]


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