Become A Mac Expert With The Mac Hacker Course [Deals]

If you paid a couple thousand dollars for your Mac, but you’re currently not taking advantage of its hidden features, then you’ve wasted a lot of money. Your Mac has a ton of useful capabilities – don’t let those features go to waste. Especially when they’re going to directly benefit your life by saving hundreds of hours over the course of a year.

Have you ever found yourself doing tedious work copy and pasting, moving files around, or boring data entry stuff? Most likely, that’s a “yes”, isn’t it? Everyone comes across these daily tasks and sometimes this repetitive grunt-work can take up 2 to 3 hours of your precious time. Your Mac can slice that time in half if you know the proper techniques.

You deserve to work faster because the potential with your Mac is right at your fingertips. Let The Mac Hacker Course (featuring over 18 lectures and 1.5 hrs of content) turn you into a Mac dojo master for only $29!

Here’s what you’ll learn in this course:

Desktop-centric philosophy Window navigation training How to master Finder Ninja Chrome techniques Super Evernote shortcuts Key system-wide shortcuts Super booster programs …and much more

Every single lesson requires you to take action and practice the techniques so you can instantly start saving your precious time. After every lesson, you will be asked to practice the shortcuts a few times before moving forward.

With this course you’ll start to take advantage of your Mac’s hidden powers, and learn all of the instant OS X shortcuts to get more done in less time.

Let’s face it: If you work on your Mac for six or more hours a day, then your Mac is probably one of your closest companions. So you need to understand it.

If you save an average of 15 minutes a day (out of an 8 hour working day) with these tips and you get paid…let’s say…$30 an hour for your work, then this course will pay for itself in just 4 days! So grab The Mac Hacker Course for just $29 while you can. Trust us…your time is worth it.


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Become A Mac Expert With The Mac Hacker Course [Deals]

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