Quickly Switch Default Browsers On Your Mac With Objektiv [OS X Tips]

If you use a lot of different browsers, you’ll know that they all want to be your default browser. You’ll also know that, for some weird reason, Apple has you drop into Safari to set any web browser as the default in the first place. If you want links that you click in any other app to open up in a specific browser, you need to set it as the default browser. Which makes doing a lot of work in different browsers on the same Mac a rather tedious exercise.

Objectiv, a free Mac menu bar utility, aims to manage that much more elegantly. Here’s how.

Head on over to the Objektiv project page at GitHub, and download it. When you launch it for the first time, it will ask if it can move to your Applications folder, if you haven’t already put it there. Then, Objektiv will show up in your menu bar, letting you set the default web browser with a little click-drag action. YOu’ll get a notification that you’ve just changed your default web browser via Notification Center, too.

If you want, you can set up a hotkey to show all your open browsers like the Command-Tab feature in OS X. Hit the Objektiv preferences and click on the Global Hotkey recording button, hit the keys you want to engage this feature with, and you’re good to go. I chose Option-Command-Tab just for consistency.

Now you can avoid Safari preferences just to switch default browsers super easily and with no money changing hands. So nice.

Source: Objektiv
Via: OS X Daily

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Quickly Switch Default Browsers On Your Mac With Objektiv [OS X Tips]

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