Ending Soon: The Sub-Zero Helicopter [Deals]

Didn’t get that remote-controlled helicopter on your wish list this past holiday season? Well, this Cult of Mac Deals offer has got you covered. The Sub-Zero Chopper is the adult version of remote control fun and from Extreme Fliers – the leading brand of remote-controlled toys – you really can’t go wrong.

For only $29 (that doesn’t include cost of shipping) you can let that inner-child live on forever. Simply put, if you’re looking to add a fun little gadget to your life, the Sub-Zero Helicopter is it.

Here’s what you’ll get:

A white Sub-Zero Chopper A stylish remote control A USB charger A pair of spare blades A spare tail rotor

Once you’ve mastered the controls you’ll have endless hours of fun maneuvering your chopper around any indoor area like a champ. With this Cult of Mac Deals offer you can really take your leisure time to new heights – figuratively and literally!

Take flight with this fun and powerful remote-controlled chopper for just $29 (plus shipping) before this offer flies away — which will be very soon!


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Ending Soon: The Sub-Zero Helicopter [Deals]

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