The LG Optimus G Pro Puts The iPhone’s Panorama To Shame [Video]

The latest commercial for the Optimus G Pro starts as a homage to Apple’s iPhone 5 ad, “Cheese!”, which famously advertised iOS 6′s Panorama functionality.

Man, though, does LG one-up Apple in this advertisement, not only showing how the Optimus G Pro can create a 180 degree panorama of a scene… you can actually use the camera to stitch together a full 360 panorama as well, which LG calls a VR Panorama.

Here’s the original ‘Cheese’ ad:

And here’s LG’s take:

You have to see this in action to believe it. Even as an Apple fan, this is an impressive trick I would kill to see in iOS 7, if it works even half as well in real life as it does here.

[via MacMagazine

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The LG Optimus G Pro Puts The iPhone’s Panorama To Shame [Video]

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