‘My Writing Desk’ Might Be The Hottest Mac Desk, Like, Ever

Every time I even go near a computer on a desk my wrists lock up and my carpal tunnels tighten. Still, even I can appreciate the amazing versatility and capacious storage power of this fully operational My Writing Desk, a beautiful plywood and fiberboard confection from etc.etc. designs.

The conceit is that the whole top of the desk can be sued for storage. The drawers sit atop the desk’s surface and a “moat” is formed around the edge. Thanks to the curled up edges (which look just like the lap-top tray desk I made myself you can prop up books, iPads or just about anything in these channels, and also hang bags and other strapped and be-cabled items from the corners.

It even flat packs for delivery!

I would buy one of these in an instant if they were available today, but as it is I’m just about to jump on my bike and head to Ikea to hunt down a home-made standing-desk solution for when I really have to use my iMac. Hopefully the Lithuanian couple behind the desk – Inesa Malafej and Arunas Sukarevicius – will get it to market before people stop buying computers altogether.

Source: etc.etc.

Via: Core77

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‘My Writing Desk’ Might Be The Hottest Mac Desk, Like, Ever

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