Belkin today announced the availability of the QODE Thin Type for iPad Air, adding an ultra-slim keyboard option to its popular QODE line of tablet keyboards. QODE Thin Type for iPad Air features an anodized aluminum design, 79 hours of battery life and iOS specific keys that pair nicely with the iPad. The keyboard’s main selling point is its 4mm thin profile that barely adds any heft to the already slender iPad Air.

An early review of the device from ZDNet’s James Kendrick is favorable, noting that the keyboard is „different in a good way“ from competing iPad tablets from Logitech, Kensington and Annker.

The Belkin is a simple cover with a keyboard on one side. The metal cover is not flat like the competitors’ models. There is a hump toward the back of the cover that gives the Belkin three advantages over the competition. The hump houses a large battery that Belkin claims gives six months of use on a charge. This is double that of other iPad keyboards. Having this hump on the cover provides an ergonomic tilt to the keyboard, perfect for typing. Last but not least, the protrusion provides a secure grip for handling the tablet in the cover.
The QODE Thin Type keyboard for iPad Air is available now for $99.99 at and will land soon at select retailers worldwide.

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