New iPhone Tweak Lets You Save & Share Instagram Pics [Jailbreak]

You know when your friend posts an awesome picture of their latte or the tasty dessert they had after their big plate of pasta last night to Instagram, and you really want to save that picture so that you can drool over it more than once? Well now you can, thanks to Instahancer, a new tweak for jailbroken iPhones.

As its name suggests, Instahancer enhances the Instagram app with a number of useful features, including zoom, the ability to share pictures to your camera roll, and the option to share them via email.

And that’s not all — the tweak also allows you to copy Instagram photos to your clipboard for pasting into other apps, and enables you to get URLs to images that you can then share however you wish.

Once installed, Instahancer adds all of these features to the official Instagram app — it’s not a third-party client — and all you have to do is tap and hold on a photo to access them. You’ll then see all the options in a pop-up menu like that in the screenshot above.

Instahancer has its own preferences, which you’ll find within the Settings menu, where you can enable or disable the tweak, and toggle different features. For example, it gives you the option to save images into your camera roll where all of your pictures or saved, or into a separate ”Instagram” album.

Instahancer costs just $0.99, and it’s available to download now via the ModMyi repository within Cydia.

Via: iPhone-Developers

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New iPhone Tweak Lets You Save & Share Instagram Pics [Jailbreak]

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