Ending Soon! The Sport-Fi Earphone Package [Deals]

Do you get frustrated when you’re in the middle of an intense workout and your earphones fall out or the cables get in the way? MEElectronics feels your pain and has created the solution (along with a little help from Cult of Mac Deals).

The Sport-Fi line and Sport-Fi S6 workout package allows you to forget about your earphones and fully immerse yourself in your activity. Pump your jams, stay focused, perform better, and keep your pockets fat with this $22 steal!

(Note: This offer is available for continental USA customers only – and includes free shipping.)

This package is teeming with features, including:

Memory Wire Solution: The S6 utilizes innovative memory wire design, which loops over-the-ear to help keep cables out of the way and your earphones locked in for a secure yet comfortable fit. Modular Cable System: A modular cable system combats excess cable length. The included armband and shirt clips insure your music stays close to you. Not only can loose cables rip phones from your ear but they can be potentially dangerous as well. Energy Booster: The S6’s deep insertion in your ear immerses you in your music and boosts your energy, keeping you in rhythm and in the zone during your workout. Six Different Ear Tips: Six different types of ear tips ensure the fit in your ear canal will be comfortable and provide the best sound while blocking out external noise, enabling you to listen at quieter volumes and protect your hearing.

To read more about the Sport-Fi line and Sport-Fi S6 workout package – including everything included and all of the important reminders surrounding this deal – check out the Deals page.

Smart, effective and durable, the S6 is even sweat resistant for those intense workout sessions. So if you want to your headset to keep up with you and your active lifestyle, head over to the Cult of Mac Deals page and pick up this offer today because this deal is nearly done!


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Ending Soon! The Sport-Fi Earphone Package [Deals]

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