Lioncase’s iPad Mini Case Is So Light That The Laws Of Physics Are Quite Concerned [Review]

Even scuffed up, the Folio Shield looks handsome — just like Harrison Ford.

Folio Shield by Lioncase
Category: Cases
Works With: iPad mini
Price: $32

Lioncase’s Folio Shield might be the best case I’ve yet tried for the iPad mini – apart from the Smart Cover that is. I’ll admit that I had trouble testing it because I love to fondle and caress the mini’s naked curves so much, but I forced myself, and I found out that – in the end – I quite enjoyed it.

What it is

The Shield is an ultralight case which protects the entire mini, and also works as a multi-angle stand. It’s a lot like the NYHK case for the full-sized iPad, only without the street plan, and smaller.

The outer part is leather, and the iPad sits snug in a plastic tray. The inner surface of the front flap is covered in microfiber to keep the screen clean. All this manages to fit into an impossibly light 90 grams.

What it does

Yes, I got some new clocks. Deal with it.

To be honest, there’s nothing this case does that any other well-designed folio case would do. It has cutouts for the camera and all switches/ports. It has a magnet to sleep/wake the iPad within, and the front cover is segmented to turn into a typing stand. It even has the split-rear design that lets it act as a fully stable movie-watching easel.

But the real magic of this case is its slimness and its weight. If you hold the mini naked, and then hold it inside this case, then it feels heavy.

However, if you just use it for a short while, maybe tossing it in a bag, reading a book or just keeping busy in the kitchen, you’ll quickly realize that it is incredibly light, and also tough. You’ll love that your iPad is now protected from bumps and scrapes, as well as gaining all those handy-dandy standy options.

Should you buy it?

This would be perfect for watching movies. If the iPad weren’t so small. And so surrounded by those damn clocks.

At less than $40, the Lioncase is cheaper than Apple’s rip-off Smart Cover. It is also leather, and when you read this review it should be available in several colors (I got the black one to test, which is a little too businesslike for my tastes).

It’s only a little bulkier than the Smart Cover, but a while lot more useful.

The short answer is that if you want a little more protection than the Smart Cover offers, but don’t want to add weight or bulk, then you should buy this case. I don’t know how Lioncase does it, but they consistently make cases lighter than anyone else. Maybe they trap hummingbirds inside? I have no idea.

On the other hand, if you are absolutely wedded to the idea of nakedness and screen protection only (kind of like cooking whilst wearing nothing but an apron) then even tnhis lightweight wonder might be too much for you.

The good news is that you can totally afford to find out for yourself.

Product Name: Folio Shield

The Good: Light, tough, pretty or cheap. Pick four. Uh, wait…

The Bad: Still adds almost a third again to the iPad’s weight, despite being so skinny.

The Verdict: This is my iPad mini’s evening wear. For slouching around the house, it’s still all Smart Cover, all the time.

Buy from: Lioncase

Rating: ;☆☆☆☆☆ ;

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Lioncase’s iPad Mini Case Is So Light That The Laws Of Physics Are Quite Concerned [Review]

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