Transform Your Freelance Design Business With The Landing Page Design Kit [Deals]

People are more than willing to pay a premium for landing page designers. Why? Because effective landing pages are money makers. They drive sales, leads, and revenue.

Imagine being able to show your clients how your work directly impacted their bottom line. Further to that, imagine that you have just become an indispensable, invaluable part of their business. Well, this Cult of Mac Deals offer will do its part to turn imagination into reality.

The Landing Page Design Kit will teach you how to become that invaluable asset and charge what you’re worth. And now for a limited time get this all-inclusive Landing Page Designer Kit for only $59!

Here’s what you’ll get in the kit:

Step-by-Step Video Training: The Landing Page Design Kit includes 53 HD video training that teaches a step-by-step process for designing landing pages that put an emphasis on both visual design and conversion rates. It’s that simple. You can learn more about the lessons here. 300+ Design Templates: Jump start the process of creating your landing page design with over 200 Photoshop design templates created especially for landing pages. Use Unbounce to Test Your Design and Copy: Unbounce is unique because it allows you to both publish and A/B test your designs. Use Unbounce as a testing tool to refine your page and maximize conversions. Save Time by Asking the Right Questions: Very few companies know how to solve their businesses problems with great design. Ask the wrong questions, get the wrong answers and you wind up building on those wrong answers. The LPDK includes a series of worksheets with right questions that get to the bottom of what your buyers really want. Test Your Pages Faster: If you’re not familiar with the Lean Startup methodology, you should be. The LPDK uses a unique blend of Lean Startup concepts and a tool called the Validation Board to help you very quickly iterate your designs based on how well it is achieving it’s goal!

As you can see, The Landing Page Design Kit is a collection of 53 training videos, worksheets, and over 300 Photoshop design templates that give you the tools and knowledge to impress clients with landing pages that convert. We’re so confident that this course will directly impact your bottom line that if it doesn’t, we are giving a 30-day money-back guarantee.

For details on all of the important reminders involving this Cult of Mac Deals offer, check out the Deals page.

Jump into the lucrative landing page design arena with this incredible Cult of Mac Deals offer today. Head over to the Deals page now and pick up The Landing Page Design Kit for just $59 – before this opportunity passes you by!


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Transform Your Freelance Design Business With The Landing Page Design Kit [Deals]

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