Intuit Brings QuickBooks Online To The iPad

Intuit has today released QuickBooks Online for the iPad, a free app that allows QuickBook subscribers to manage their customers, invoices, estimates, and expenses on the go. Intuit’s customers have been increasingly turning to mobile devices to manage their finances, so its new iPad app is sure to be a big hit.

“Last year, our mobile base grew 300 percent,” said Will Lynes, Intuit QuickBooks Online Senior Manager, during a demonstration of QuickBooks Online. “Twenty-five percent of those customers are actually accessing our services on an iPad.”

Until now, however, those iPad customers have been using QuickBooks Mobile, an app that was actually designed for the iPhone. So it goes without saying that QuickBooks Online, a dedicated iPad app, will provide a much-improved experience.

As its name suggests, the iPad app works with Intuit’s subscription-based QuickBooks Online service. When users create invoices and notes, or manage their expenses on their iPad, that information is synced to QuickBooks Online and then to other connected devices.

The app allows users to import customer contact data from the iPad’s Contacts database, and from networks like LinkedIn, Yahoo!, and Gmail. It also supports the importing of images, but the images can only be used inside the iPad app — it doesn’t sync them with QuickBooks Online.

QuickBooks Online doesn’t sync with QuickBooks for Mac, either, unfortunately, but it does with Windows.

The app is available to download now from the App Store using the link below.

Source: App Store

Via: Macworld

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Intuit Brings QuickBooks Online To The iPad

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