Slacker Radio Redesigns Site To Appeal To Spotify And Rdio Users

Slacker Radio’s got a new look

If you’re one of those people that still uses Pandora, you’re missing out on some really great music apps that have a deeper catalogs of music. Yes, Spotify and Rdio are pretty much the frontrunners in the streaming music scene, but Slacker Radio just got a brand new look that makes it worthy to be oogled at.

The biggest problems with Spotify and Rdio is that most people (like me) are lazy and don’t want to be forced to comb through 11 million songs to find an artist to listen to for the next 42 minutes. Slacker Radio wants to step in and take that pain away by offering 250 DJ curated stations so you can just kick back and enjoy the music without thinking about what to play next.

The redesign of the site is almost purely cosmetic. It’s been updated to look more modern with large album art, clean blue and grey text and graphics, and pretty white space. Navigation’s been improved to be a lot easier to use too.

Improving on Pandora’s ideas, the relaunched service has a new feature called Fine Tune that lets you adjust the music you’re being fed by moving sliders toward what you’re more inclined to want. Hate popular songs? Well move that slider all the way to the left. Want more older stuff? Move that one slightly to the right. Get it?

You can still favorite songs and create your own stations based on artists just like Pandora. Slacker’s cheaper than Rdio and Spotify and only costs $4 per month if you want to store your music offline. But if you don’t want to pay for music you can just use the free, ad supported version that let’s you skip six songs every hour.


Source: Slacker

Via: Gizmodo

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Slacker Radio Redesigns Site To Appeal To Spotify And Rdio Users

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