Photojojo University Schools You On iPhoneography

What if you could go to university and learn the basics of photography for just $5? And what if that university specialized in the camera you actually have: the iPhone? If that prospect gets you jazzed, then welcome to Photojojo University’s Phoneography 101, a course that’ll learn ya to take pictures more better.

The $5 course lasts for four weeks, with two lessons per week (that makes 8!). The lessons are emailed out to you, and contain a challenge (like an assignment, only more fun) to complete after each one. You’ll learn composition, lighting, editing and more, and at the end of the course you should be ready to rock Instagram and Flickr like a semi-pro. At the very least, your shots of breakfast should come out a lot better.

The price is going up to $10 after the offer period, which is still a bargain – no $60,000 student loans here. In fact, it’s so cheap that it is probably the perfect gift for anyone you know who has an iPhone and loves taking pictures with it (for the record, that’s everyone with an iPhone.

What are you waiting for? Enrollment is already open.

Source: Photojojo University

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Photojojo University Schools You On iPhoneography

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