EA Brings Origin To The Mac With Dual-Platform Play, Cloud Syncing & More

EA’s Origin platform has today made its public debut on the Mac, proving gamers with a Steam alternative that currently boasts 48 downloadable titles from EA and third-party developers like Sega and Warner Brothers. Its initial catalog includes Batman: Arkham City, Star Wars, The Sims 3, LEGO Harry Potter, Dragon Age 2 and many more — plus any expansion packs.

Origin for Mac boasts all the same features that users have been enjoying on PC, including cloud storage for game saves, social connectivity, auto-patching, and more. There’s also a new feature that you’re sure to love called dual-platform play. This allows gamers to purchase selected titles just once and play them on both Mac and PC.

Origin originally came to the Mac as an alpha release in late January, and we didn’t quite expect it to go public so soon. Today’s release is a nice surprise, then.

To celebrate the launch of Origin for Mac, EA is holding a “Simtastic 13th Anniversary Sale,” which allows users to download The Sims 3 base game and expansion packs for as little as $10. The company insists it’s a limited time offer, however, so you’ll want to grab them while they’re cheap.

Origin will be competing with Steam on the Mac, and at first, its library of games won’t be anywhere near as big. It’s sure to grow over time, of course, but you might not find the latest and greatest releases in the Origin store straight away. You’re likely to find a better selection there than in the Mac App Store, however.

Origin for Mac is available to download now — just hit the source link below.

Source: Origin

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EA Brings Origin To The Mac With Dual-Platform Play, Cloud Syncing & More

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