Cycloramic App Will Automatically Rotate Your iPhone 5 To Take Perfect 360º Videos

My hands shake worse than a crack addict when I take video. I’m too cheap to go buy a tripod, so I just don’t try and take video anymore. There’s a new app that’s ready to cure some of my problems though. It’s called Cycloramatic and it’s the most amazing app you’re going to see today.

Rather than forcing you to buy a tripod to take perfect 360º videos, Cycloramic uses the vibrations of your iPhone 5 to swivel around and get a clean shot every time.

The concept for Cycloramic is simple – you place your iPhone 5 on a smooth finished surface tap “GO” and the app will amke your iPhone vibrate so that it turns 360 degrees. You can choose to use the back or front-facing cameras on your iPhone. There’s also an option to specify how many degrees you want your iPhone to rotate during the recording (currently you can only choose 360º, 720º or 1080º).

If only it could take panoramic photos as well as video it’d be the perfect app for all wide angle scenarios. Even without that ability though, the app is whimsical but also useful. Even Woz is using it. You can get now from the App Store for only $0.99


Source: iTunes

Via: TechCrunch

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Cycloramic App Will Automatically Rotate Your iPhone 5 To Take Perfect 360º Videos

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