Check Out These Gorgeous Shots Of The iPad Mini [Gallery]


Designer and photographer Andrew Kim runs a great blog called Minimally Minimal, and he recently posted a gallery of fantastic photos after one month with the iPad mini.

I love Kim’s product shots, and he graciously gave me permission to share them with Cult of Mac readers. Check out the gallery below:

Kim’s verdict on the mini:

The iPad mini is a tough product to judge. On one hand, it’s a sign of Apple’s stagnant innovation of the past two years. They still make the finest consumer electronics in my book (I’m voting with my wallet here) but they have been simply iterating on existing products recently. But here’s the thing: the iPad mini is fantastic. It may not be revolutionary, but it’s possibly my favorite Apple product since the day I got my iPhone 4 (and I loved that phone romantically).

Make sure to check out his blog post for even more pics.

Source: Minimally Minimal

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Check Out These Gorgeous Shots Of The iPad Mini [Gallery]

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