17.4 Million New iOS And Android Devices Were Activated On Christmas Day

There were a lot of happy people in the world on Christmas Day. Millions of lucky people received and activated a record number of smartphones and tablets on Christmas Day this year.

According to Flurry, more than 17.4 million iOS and Android devices were activated on Christmas Day, which was a 332% increase above average.

In order to gauge the magnitude of the increase of new device activations on Christmas, Flurry started by establishing a baseline using the first 20 days of December to find an average. From December 1st-20th the average number of new device activations was around 4.0 million devices per day.

On Christmas the number of device acctivations shot up to 17.4 million. For comparisson, the old record number of device acctivations was set on Christmas Day in 2011 when 6.8 milllion new device activations were recorded.

Source: Flurry

Via: The Loop

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17.4 Million New iOS And Android Devices Were Activated On Christmas Day

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