Use Talkler For Hands-Free, Eyes-Up Email Access

Hey, Talkler!

Ever wanted to check your email in your car, or while cooking? Running? Eating? Now you can with Talkler, a new app from Talkler Labs LLC. Talkler is out now in the App Store, ready to get you checking and sending email without using your hands or even your eyes.

All you need to do once you’ve installed the app is say, “Hey Talkler,” and you’ll be able to listen to your email, and reply using your voice. You can navigate through all your email with your voice, as well.

Here’s a video to give you a more visual idea of how it works:

Talkler is a true game changer for handling email, particularly with ever-increasing concerns about reading/texting/typing while driving. As the only app that handles email with heads-up gestures and voice control, Talkler uses sophisticated voice recognition and text-to-speech technology at its practical best. This free app reads email aloud, listens to commands (“record a reply,” “delete,” “skip,” “slow down,” “mark unread”) and sends email responses using only voice. Talkler tracks sound, touch, motion and distance to make possible a diverse range of user interactions unmatched by any other email or speech-only solution. And Talkler uses on-device processing, which means it understands voice commands even when traveling through cell phone dead zones with no bars.

This DOES look like a game changer if it works as well as advertised, making email accessible to anyone with vision, motor, or other disabilities, as well as folks who need to pay attention somewhere besides their iPhone. It’s free in the App Store, so you can definitely give it a try without risk. Let us know what you think of the app in the comments below! We’d especially like to know how embarrassing it is to yell, “Hey Talkler!” at your iPhone.

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Use Talkler For Hands-Free, Eyes-Up Email Access

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