AltKeyboard Will Turn You Into A More Efficient iPhone Typist [Jailbreak]

It takes practice to learn how to efficiently type on the iOS keyboard. Because all the keys are virtual, you have to tab through multiple layouts to access all of the available characters. I remember how slow I was at alternating keyboards to type numbers and punctation when I got my first iPhone. Over time, muscle memory kicks in and it becomes second nature.

What if there was a more productive way to type on iOS? A new jailbreak tweak called AltKeyboard is a fantastic enhancement every iPhone typist needs.

No layout switching required.

Alternate keys are available by quickly swiping up on a main key. You don’t have to switch layouts to access the numerical keys; the most used options are all available on the same layout.

There are two options that can be enabled in the tweak’s preferences. Tapping “Flick up” switches the gesture to a slide, which I found to be a little more tricky than the default. You can also tap “Alternate key” to enable the shift key layout. Instead of numbers and punctation, flicking up on a key products its capital version. Like the flick or slide gesture, choosing either layout is purely a matter of preference. I found that the default flick up and alternate key layout suited my needs perfectly.

AltKeyboard is designed by Sentry, a prolific jailbreak tweak and concept designer we’ve featured numerous times. Like his other work, this tweak is a great example of how subtle, focused changes can really improve the iOS experience.

AltKeyboard is available now in Cydia for $1. Get it.

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