We already have a pretty good idea of what the fifth-generation iPad will look like, thanks to the many rumors and leaked parts that we’ve seen in recent months. And the latest, a purported front panel with a new design, reinforces those expectations.

Apple is expected to follow the iPad mini’s gorgeous form factor for the iPad 5, introducing thinner bezels down the sides of the display and a significantly thinner frame. This leaked front panel fits that description perfectly.

The picture was uploaded to Photobucket and first spotted by Chinese website Apple.pro. Although we cannot confirm it is genuine, it certainly looks pretty convincing. It shows the front panel’s new design, as well as the flex cable that connects the digitizer to the logic board.

According to Apple.pro, Apple will unveil the iPad 5 alongside iOS 7 at WWDC next month, however, we can’t imagine it’ll arrive before this fall.

UPDATE: Turns out this front panel doesn’t just look like an iPad mini front panel — it is an iPad mini front panel, as spotted by French website NowhereElse. It’s hard to tell without anything else in the image to compare the size.

Source: Photobucket

Thanks: D. Haun

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Purported iPad 5 Front Panel Leaks With New Design [Update: Nope]

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