As you open applications on your Mac, you may notice your Dock getting a little crowded. That’s because OS X adds an icon for each running app to your Dock as soon as you launch it, to let you know that it’s actually doing something. It’s one of the many great visual reminders built into the operating system.

Sometimes, though, your Dock might get a little too crowded. For example, I run Google Chrome all the time. If I remove that icon from the Dock, even when the app is running, I get more space for things I may not always need in the Dock.

Interested? Here’s how.

All you need to do is head to the Dock Dodger website and download the app there. Drag your Application to the Dock Dodger application window after you launch it, and it will do the same thing as above, only you won’t have to mess with the .plist file on your own. The developers do caution you, though:

Dock Dodger alters files inside an application’s bundle. While the changes made aren’t destructive and can easily be reversed, we recommend that you only use Dock Dodger on copies of your applications, not the original.

In addition, depending on the application whose icon you’re trying Un-Dock, you may get some strange behavior or find some features inaccessible (such as the menu!). Use at your own risk.

Source: Foggy Noggin Software
Via: Addictive Tips

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Hide The Dock Icon Of Any Running App With Dock Dodger [OS X Tips]

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