Oh man, those guys at Everpix sure know how to have some fun. *Nerd* fun, that is. When they;re not busy making my favorite photo-looking-after-and-looking-at app for the web, Mac and iOS, they’re adding little nuggets of gold like the new Mac Memories app. And no, it has nothing to do with RAM. Unless “you”ewe” take lots of pictures of male sheep — ba-dum-tish!

Everpix, you will remember, scoops up all your photos and sucks them into its servers, from your iPhoto, Lightroom, Dropbox, any folder, Picasa and even your annoyingly inconsistent Photo Stream. Mac Memories sticks to local files to do it’s magic, but I think the app is meant as a teaser for the main service (there’s a link to the Everpix site at the bottom of the window),

Mac Memories sits in your menubar and when you click its icon, it pops up a little window to show you a photo from this day in history. Mine is currently showing photos from eight years ago today, back when I still lived in miserable, rainy England. There is a single navigation arrow so you can quickly flip through the rest of then photos from This Day In History, and that’s it: settings consist of telling it to open at login, and showing you where your photos are being pulled from (you can’t change this — it’s just FYI).

Grab it why don’t you? After all, it’s easy to let old pictures slip into the misty mists of time. Sometimes (as I found out today) that’s a *good* thing (let’s just say I *do* have some photos of rams — the male sheep — and I don’t really want to go into any more detail about that…)

Mac Memories is free.

Source: [Everpix](http://blog.everpix.com/post/51582212735/something-fun)

Thanks: Pierre!

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Everpix’s Mac Memories App Reminds You Of Your Painful Past

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