Today Tapbots released a big update for Tweetbot on the Mac. The main addition is the enhanced media view that is already present in the iOS version. When viewing a timeline, tapping ⌘F now allows you to switch between a text and media-only experience. The media view displays a stream of images and videos from tweets in the timeline.

Tweetbot for Mac also supports cover photos for individual profiles, another feature that has been present on mobile for a long time. Viewing the details on a specific tweet will now show how many times it has been favorited and retweeted.

The media view isn’t something you’ll probably want enabled on your main timeline, but it can be useful when searching through specific hashtags or trends. Tweetbot supports multiple columns, which means you can have text and media-only timelines displayed side by side.

Here’s the full change log from today’s update:

What’s New in Version 1.3

– New media timeline. Type command f and switch to the media view (next to the search box).
– New look for Tweet detail including retweet and favorite counts.
– Profile Cover Image support.
– Double clicking titlebar above a profile view will scroll profile back to top. Double clicking again will scroll their timeline/mentions/faves to the top.
– Fixed issues with unread items obscuring notification/error messages and attached post windows.
– Fixed issue where you text was still editable after you’d sent a tweet.
– Various other bug fixes.

Tweetbot costs $20 in the Mac App Store.

Source: Mac App Store

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Tweetbot For Mac Updated With New Media View, Cover Photo Support, And More

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