Update: And now it’s out, for the spanking low price of $9.99!

Looks like we were right. It looks like Aspyr Media is definitely bringing the classic Star Wars RPG Knights Of The Old Republic to iPad. And, in fact, it looks like it’s due out soon. But it still hasn’t officially been announced!

The full game is apparently due out for iPad sometime this week, although it’s not clear exactly when. IGN has posted a review of the port, despite the fact that the game isn’t even out yet. That’s odd, to say the least, and suggests that the review went live during the game’s anticipated release window, only for the app itself to somehow be delayed. Seems to me like there’s been a lot of screw ups with this game’s launch, not the least of which being that we’re seeing reviews of the game released before it’s been officially announced.

Either way, though, this is exciting news. There’s a derth of good RPGs on the iPad, and KOTOR, released by Bioware back in 2003, is one of the best, not to mention one of the best Star Wars stories ever told. No matter when it’s released, this is going to be a game to get.

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Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic Is Heading To iPad, Maybe This Week [Update: Right Now!]

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