Evernote, one of our favorite digital trunks for our virtual documents and notes have just announced that they are taking security on their service to the next level, rolling out two step authentication to all users, along with a couple other features to make sure that you’re the only person accessing your Evernote account.

Announced over on their blog, it appears that Evernote two step verification will only be available to Evernote Premium and Evernote for Business subscribers at first, although Evernote claims that once they’re comfortable that the system doesn’t have any kinks, they’ll be rolling it out to everyone.

In case you haven’t used it, two step verification is a more secure way to make sure that people can’t access your accounts from other computers. Essentially, what two step verification does is require you to enter a six digit access code when you access your account on a new device. This code is delivered by SMS text message, or through an authenticator app. So if someone tries to access your Evernote account from China with a stolen login, they still need physical access to your phone to hack their way in.

It’s pretty snazzy. Apple already uses two-step authentication with iCloud, and Twitter and Dropbox do as well. Now Evernote’s joining the game.

Evernote’s not stopping there, though. They are also rolling out the ability for you to check the history of devices and IPs that have tried to access your account, and a centralized list of Authorized Applications that you can easily revoke, if need be.

This is a good update to a fantastic service. Hacking is becoming a problem that everyone needs to be concerned about these days, and two-step authentication makes it significantly harder, if not impossible, for someone to remotely access your account without your knowledge. If you keep sensitive documents in your Evernote trunk, you should consider turning two-step authentication on.

Source: Evernote

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Evernote Rolls Out Two-Step Verification

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