The latest version of Evernote for iOS includes a new Home screen and Quick Notes buttons, both of which make creating a new note in Evernote super quick and easy.

Now, you can create notes with the Quick Notes buttons, which helps bypass the typical way of tapping into a notebook, hitting the plus button, and then filling out the details.

Here’s how to jump right in with these new buttons, creating new notes right on your iOS device quickly and efficiently.

Launch Evernote for iOS from your iPhone or iPad, and you’ll see the familiar Home screen, with green tabs for All Notes, Notebooks, Tags, Places, and the grey Premium Features tab. In the upper center area, or the upper right if you’re holding your device in a landscape orientation, you’ll see three icons.

Starting at the left of these icons is the Add New Note button. Tap this to go right to the note editing process, adding body text, images, or audio as you like.

The next Quick button looks like a camera. Tap it to go right to the Add Image Note screen. It looks a lot like the iOS Camera app, with a different shutter snap button at the bottom. Simply aim and shoot anything you like. Evernote will process the image for a second, and then you can either capture more photos to go into the note, or hit the blut checkmark botton to finish adding images. The note will be titled Snapshot, but you can edit that in the note itself.

The third icon will take images from your Evernote Smart Notebook, by Moleskine. This is a special, purchased-separately notebook that works with Evernote for iOS and allows you to save information rich images and notes from the special notebook.

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Quickly Create New Items In Evernote 5 For The iPhone, iPad [iOS Tips]

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