Keep Your Jailbreak And iOS Settings Separate, Where They Belong [Jailbreak]

If you’ve got a jailbroken iPhone, it can be a little bit confusing to manage the settings of your various tweaks. Sometimes they are in an app, sometimes they are in ‘Settings’ and even when they are where you expect them to be, they can often be buried.

PreferenceOrganizer is a new Cydia tweak that keeps your default iOS settings and jailbreak settings separate, like you’d expect them to be. Unfortunately, though, you might have to jump through a hoop or two to set it up.

The way PreferenceOrganizer works is by splitting all of your preferences within ‘Settings’ into two folders: one for iOS apps, and the other for Cydia tweaks.

That seems like a great way to clean up the mess of the ‘Settings’ folder, but unfortunately, the very nature of what PreferenceOrganizer does was enough to get it rejected by the BigBoss repo:

Apparently BigBoss won’t approve the tweak seeing as when users want to troubleshoot a problem, they often resort to the settings. With the tweak, the Settings is reorganized, making this “difficult for an unknowing third-party”. Also, where ‘PreferenceFolders’ allows for manual organisation, ‘PreferenceOrganizer’ is automatic and may cause “user confusion”. Another point made was that the tweak uses ‘arbitrary’ labels where the folder name ‘Cydia’ should not represent tweak preferences. Finally, the last point was that the tweak is for cosmetics gain only, and not for performance.

So if you want to install PreferenceOrganizer, you’ll have to download it directly and install it using iFile. Bummer. Hopefully this tweak gets official repo support soon.

Source: iDownloadBlog

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Keep Your Jailbreak And iOS Settings Separate, Where They Belong [Jailbreak]

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