Hours after Apple CEO Tim Cook’s talk with AllThingsD’s Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg, AllThingsD has posted the full video of the interview online. The 81-minute video contains the full interview in addition to the Q&A session that followed. MacRumors provided live updates of the event. Last year it took several weeks for the full video to find its way online.

Steve Jobs was a regular participant of the D conference, having been interviewed on the stage and even appearing alongside Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. Cook has carried on that tradition by serving as the opening session interview for the past two years.

Among the topics discussed by Cook yesterday:

Apple Television – There Is a Grand Vision
Wearables Are Incredibly Interesting, Nothing Great on the Market
Executive Change Up Has Been „Great“, Revamped iOS/OS X to Be Unveiled at WWDC
Apple to Open Up APIs in the Future, but No Chat Heads
Apple Hires Former EPA Chief Lisa Jackson to Oversee Environmental Efforts

See the article here:

Full Video of Tim Cook’s D11 Interview Now Available

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