Rdio, the Pepsi to Spotify’s Coke, just got an update to it’s Mac app today. For those of you following along on iOS, the changes will be familiar, complete with big and “beautiful” album art and a neat new “upcoming” view.

Maybe Pepsi isn’t the right choice of comparison. Rdio is like the cooler version of Spotify, with what seems to be a deeper catalog of indie oddities than the more mainstream Spotify. It also uses a library metaphor, letting you save tracks to your own collection (although nothing is actually saved unless you choose to download it for offline listening) instead of Spotify’s relentless reliance on playlists.

The new app looks quite different. It’s much less sparse, and the album art is bigger in the icon view. The big new feature is the now-playing view. Click the little three line list icon at bottom right and the whole app becomes a giant album cover, along with a listing of the tracks on the current album (or playlist). At the bottom of that list you can see what’s coming up next in your queue.

It’ a small addition, but functionally it’s a big change, and one which I like. Grab it now either through in-app update or from the link below.

Source: Rdio

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Rdio Mac App Updated To Be Way More Friendly

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