Salary Isn’t Everything


Regardless of pay, you really need to like your job to have a satisfying career. For IT People "liked best" category the most often repeated entries included:

  • Gives me freedom to make decisions and try new ideas.
  • Listens to me and trusts me.
  • Allows me to get advanced training to keep my skills current.
  • Appreciates what I do and thanks me.
  • Gives me interesting and challenging projects.
  • Gives me flexibility in hours.
  • Provides a relaxed work environment (most of the time).

In the "liked least" category the most often repeated entries included:

  • Job overload and schedules that are too short.
  • Bureaucracy, layers of management, clueless bosses.
  • Dumb users I have to teach the same things to over and over.
  • Low salary.
  • No training budget.
  • Not responding to ideas for improvement, even when they solicited the ideas.
  • Doesn’t give us authority to make decisions.
  • Politics

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