How to serve multiple search domains from Cisco IOS DHCP server?

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The expected

[code language=“plain“]ip dhcp pool option 119 ascii,[/code]

doesn’t work. So you need to encode search domains in hex using following example script written in Python:

[code language=“python“]#!/usr/bin/env python import syshexlist = []for domain in sys.argv[1:]: for part in domain.split(„.“): hexlist.append(„%02x“ % len(part)) for c in part: hexlist.append(c.encode(„hex“)) hexlist.append(„00“)print „“.join([(„.%s“ % (x) if i and not i % 2 else x) \ for i, x in enumerate(hexlist)])[/code]

Execute it:

[code language=“plain“]$ ./ 036e.6574.0765.7861.6d70.6c65.0363.6f6d.0007.6578.616d.706c.6503.636f.6d00[/code]

So the config in ios must look like:

[code language=“plain“]ip dhcp pool option 119 hex 036e.6574.0765.7861.6d70.6c65.0363.6f6d.0007.6578.616d.706c.6503.636f.6d00[/code]

It’s done!

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