Apple Adds 20 New Flyover Locations Around the World, New Maps Info in Taiwan and Finland

Apple today added 20 new Flyover locations to Apple Maps on Mac and iOS, highlighting landmarks and features across several countries including France, Italy, Japan, Australia, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, the UK, South Africa, and the United States.

For those unfamiliar with the Flyover feature in Apple Maps, it lets users see photo-realistic 3D videos of select locations, with tools for zooming, panning, and rotating to get a closer look at notable landmarks and points of interest. Some of the locations listed may have previously been available as Flyover destinations, but were just added to Apple’s list of Flyover locations.

The full list of new Flyover locations is available below:

Adelaide, Australia

Amiens, France

La Rochelle, France

Nantes, France

Toulouse, France

Berne, Switzerland

Bremen, Germany

Columbus, Ohio

Louisville, Kentucky

South Bend, Indiana

Springfield, Missouri

Tucson, Arizona

Dresden, Germany

Eindhoven, Netherlands

Johannesburg, South Africa

Middlesbrough, UK

Salzburg, Austria

Taormina, Italy

Toyoma, Japan

Virgin Islands

Flyover was first introduced in 2012, but over the last four years, Apple has steadily added new Flyover locations to the Maps app. In 2015, Apple updated some major Flyover locations with real-time animated landmarks, making the Flyover experience even more immersive. Many Flyover locations have an additional City Tour feature that walks users through different landmarks in each city.

Along with new Flyover locations, the Maps app has been updated in Taiwan and Finland. In Taiwan, iOS users now have access to traffic information, and in Finland, the Nearby feature introduced in iOS 9 is now active, allowing users to get information on local businesses located near them.

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Apple Adds 20 New Flyover Locations Around the World, New Maps Info in Taiwan and Finland

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