Belkin Launches MIXIT Lightning to USB Keychain Chargers

Belkin announced today that it has introduced a new lineup of Lightning to USB clip-on fashion accessories in time for the back to school season. The new MIXIT charging cables for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch are available now in three designs: a leather tassel, a braided USB clip and a metallic keychain.

The MIXIT Lightning to USB Tassel has a chic design made from natural leather and clips onto a bag, purse or luggage for on-the-go use. The accessory is designed to hide the Lightning and USB connectors behind the tassel cords, available in four different colors: fog, camel, coral and black. The 2.4A charging cable is approximately 7 inches long.

The MIXIT Lightning to USB Clip is a more simplistic accessory with a metallic keychain and soft cover that slides down to protect the Lightning to USB connector. The 2.4A charger has a braided cable with a multicolored weave and a color-matched mounting loop, sliding cover and cable connector heads. The clip is available in four color combinations.

The MIXIT Lightning to USB Keychain has a metallic loop at the top with an aluminum body that houses a Lightning to USB connector that rotates 360 degrees for charging from all angles and added protection. The 2.4A charger also bends up to 90 degrees itself and is available in five colors: fog, silver, gold, pink and blue.

MIXIT charging cables can be purchased from Belkin’s website and Target for $34.99 each.

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Belkin Launches MIXIT Lightning to USB Keychain Chargers

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